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To Overcome Chronic Back Issues, Improve Spinal Mobility and Core Strength

For those looking to overcome chronic back pain and stiffness, it's helpful to alternate between core-strengthening and spinal mobility exercises. This video provides examples of how to alternate between variations of these two types of exercises.

For more ideas on core-strengthening exercises, please see:

Core-Strengthening Exercises

For a collection of spinal mobility exercises that you can choose from to suit your circumstances, please feel free to view:

Spinal Mobility Exercises


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This video seems a little short. Been doing the two core strengthening exercises previously posted and love them. Has help my back a lot. But what is a concomitant stretching exercise to the 'downward dog' knee crunches? Like to see a suggested routine that includes a full program of back strengthening and stretching. Love these videos btw and the work that you do. very refreshingly sincere and helpful without a big sales component. I'll buy some stuff tho, I promise. :-)

Hi Dr. Kim, I am experiencing a bout of sciatic pain on both sides. Would this exercise help with that or is there another stretch/exercise that would work better? Thank you for any advice.

Hi Shelley,

Thank you for your question! Please find some suggested exercises at the following pages:

We would suggest trying them very conservatively, and only the exercises that you feel you can do in your present circumstances.

It will likely take some time and regular practice to see significant benefits. We hope that you experience lasting improvement in the days ahead.

With best wishes,