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This Stretch Is Essential For Optimal Spinal and Shoulder Mobility

I find that many people are extremely tight through the side of their torso, which limits overall spinal and shoulder mobility and increases risk of experiencing sprains and strains throughout the back.

To stretch the lats and obliques, hang from one arm and place the same side foot to the rear and opposite side of the body.

This position will create a mild arc that runs along the arm, lats, and obliques - you should feel a good stretch through this entire arc. If you can use your downside arm to push your body away from your point of contact, this will accentuate the stretch you experience through your lats and obliques. You can add in gentle pulses as you reach your end range.

Play around with the positioning of your feet and torso to create the best possible stretch.

If you’re able to, finish off with a gentle two-arm hang where you swing forward and back ever so slightly. If you are comfortable with this, try opening up your armpits each time you swing forward to further accentuate flexion of the shoulder joint - this involves actively retracting your scapulae each time you swing forward with your chest.

For more suggestions on how to improve and maintain optimal spinal and shoulder mobility, please feel free to visit our YouTube channel:


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