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3-Minute Daily Routine For Healthy Shoulders

This is a simple 3-minute routine that I do twice daily to keep my shoulders optimally functional.

Start with your hands overlapped behind your back as high as you can comfortably place them. Gently roll back onto your bed or another comfortable surface. Repeat 5-10 times.

Next, lie face up, clasp your hands together, and raise your arms above your head as far as you can take them or until your hands touch the bed above your head. Repeat for 5 repetitions, and on the 5th rep, hold your arms in full flexion and gently pulse your head forward to accentuate the stretch felt in your shoulders.

Repeat the step above but with your wrists crossed and hands clasped where your right palm faces to your right and your left palm faces to your left - your right wrist will be on top of your left wrist. Then, cross your wrists the other way where your left wrist is on top of your right wrist and repeat the same drill.

Next, clasp your fingers together and place your hands on the top of your head. Move your hands back and forth along the top and sides of your head as though you are washing your head, all while keeping your forearms as close to the bed as possible.

Next, lie on your side, and starting with your arms extended away from you with your hands together, open up your trunk and take your upside arm in a full half arc to touch the bed on your other side while keeping your knees together on the starting side. Do 5 repetitions and then repeat while starting on the opposite side.

Finish with a few more reps of full flexion while lying facing up.

If you have questions about this routine, please use the comments section under the video at our YouTube channel.

I hope some find this helpful.


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