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Arch and Hollow for Core Strength

Arch and Hollow holds are stapes in the gymnastics world, both highly effective for improving functional core strength and spinal mobility.

For Arch, start prone and lift your legs and arms off the ground at the same time. Squeeze your buttocks and try to keep the front of your thighs off the ground. Strive to keep your scapulae contracted toward one another as you keep your arms and head off the ground.

If you have shoulder issues that make it difficult to keep them overhead, you can keep your arms to your side as you arch your upper body off the ground.

For Hollow, begin supine and lift your legs and upper body of the ground simultaneously. Strive to keep your legs together, knees straight, toes pointed. With your arms overhead, aim to lift your upper body off the ground enough to prevent your shoulder blades from touching the ground. Squeeze your abdominal region in this position.

Aim to hold Arch and Hollow for a few seconds at a time, alternating between the two positions for a few sets. You can work your way up to 10 second holds for each position.

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