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Elevated Cat Stretch for Back and Shoulder Stiffness

This is another highly effective stretch for improving extension through your thoracic spinal region and flexion of your shoulder joints.

To execute this stretch, you'll need a firm surface like a solid chair to anchor your hands to, as well as a soft surface to rest your knees on.

The idea is to keep your hands anchored on the chair and allow your trunk to sink down toward the ground while you keep your pelvis steady. In letting your trunk sink down, you should feel your shoulders go further behind your head, allowing for a good shoulder flexion stretch - shoulder flexion is when your shoulders are raised up above your head.

You can simply let your trunk lower to a point where you feel a good stretch through your spine and shoulders and hold this position for as long as is comfortable. Or you can gently and slowly rock in and out of this position, dynamically exercising your shoulders and spinal joints.

I suggest becoming proficient and comfortable with the Rocking Cobra stretch in our YouTube video library before engaging in this stretch.

If you have any questions about this stretch, please feel free to share them in the comments section below. Hope this proves to be helpful.

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