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Tools for Healthy Feet and Protection Against Sunburn

Just a brief post to share some details on a few items at that I think most people would find helpful.

1. Keen Newport Sandals

I'm a huge believer in using comfortable and protective footwear that doesn't compromise good biomechanics throughout the foot and ankle region. If you haven't come across my article on why I feel it's best to avoid high heels and uncomfortable footwear, please view:

Why Wearing High Heels is Bad for Your Health

There are a number of well designed sandals on the market that do a great job of supporting the bones, ligaments, and muscles throughout one's foot, and one of the best that I've seen is made by a company called Keen.

Here are some links to Keen Sandals:

Keen Newport H2 Full Sandals for Women

Keen Newport H2 Full Sandals for Men

Keen Newport Sandals for Kids

And some good news if you're in Canada or elsewhere beyond the borders of the US: most of the companies that provide Keen Newport Sandals through Amazon ship overseas.

I just ordered pairs for our boys through Amazon; they're a bit costly for kids' shoes, but I know they're a worthwhile investment for growing feet and toes. Providing the right support for growing children is immensely helpful in preventing a variety of foot, knee, and hip disorders later on in life.

Please note: A number of reviews of these sandals recommend ordering up half a size, so please consider this before purchasing Keen Sandals. Also, whenever you purchase footwear from a reputable company, so long as you don't wear new items outdoors, you can almost always receive a refund should you find that they aren't to your liking.

2. Sunday Afternoons Sun Hat

Exposing your skin to sunlight without getting burned can be GOOD for your health. But if you have to be outdoors for extended periods of time and want to protect your face and neck against strong UV-A and UV-B rays, here's a super comfortable hat for you to consider:

Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

I absolutely love this hat - I use it when I play tennis, when I'm out gardening, and when we're out and about with our kids.

3. Coolibar Sun Shirts

Also for protection against strong UV-A and UV-B rays when you have to be outdoors for long stretches, Coolibar's sun shirts are light and comfortable, and do a brilliant job of keeping you dry when you sweat:

Coolibar's Sun Shirts

Hope that you find one or more of these items to be as useful as I do.


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Link for sun shirt with SPF protection isn't working. Please share again.

Jackie, I have updated the links to the hat and shirts that I currently use and recommend. Thank you for letting us know about the broken link.