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Natural Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

According to researchers at the Childrens Hospital Boston, surgery used to remove breast cancers can sometimes promote the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) that can contribute to metastatic cancer development later on. This hypothesis is congruent with the tendency for younger women who develop breast cancer to experience early recurrences of their cancers.

Researchers looked at data from 1,200 women who had surgery to remove breast cancers. They found that the two most common periods for recurrence was at 18 months and five years post-surgery. They also found that 20 percent of premenopausal women with breast cancer whose cancer had spread to their lymph nodes experienced recurrence within 10 months of surgery to remove their primary breast cancer tumours.

When people who develop breast cancer ask me for guidance on whether to have surgery or to avoid it, I spend a considerable amount of time talking with them about the importance of aligning their food and lifestyle choices with their self healing mechanisms, regardless of if they have surgery or they don't.

One of the keys to treating and preventing breast cancer naturally is to avoid estrogen dominance.

Another key is to work at reducing stress.

Finally, it is essential to consistently make healthy food choices that ensure regular intake of natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


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