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Rocking Cobra for Back and Shoulder Stiffness

Alternating between Cobra pose and a kneeling tuck is an excellent way to improve mobility through your spine and shoulders.

When in Cobra pose, squeeze your buttocks and quads to keep your core strong, and focus on keeping your shoulders down and your shoulder blades squeezed toward one another. Cobra pose is highly effective for improving extension through the thoracic region of your spinal column.

When in a kneeling tuck, rest your buttocks against your lower legs and allow your head to dip lower than your shoulders to allow for some flexion through your thoracic region and flexion through your shoulders - the goal is to feel like your arms are being taken close to their end range behind your head. Please note that in the audio portion of this video, I mistakenly said shoulder extension during the kneeling tuck - when your shoulders are up above your head, this is shoulder flexion.

You can do this movement pattern for however long as feels comfortable. I find that a solid minute of alternating between these two positions at the pace shown in this video leaves my back and shoulders feeling well perfused with blood and highly mobile.


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Yes, I enjoyed the video(it was short!), and I am incorporating the movements regularly. But tell me, what type of dog do you have? He seems gentle yet attentive. I'm planning on getting a dog soon, and would like to know the breed, please.

Thanks for all your great work.


Hi Jane,

I have been aiming to make my videos shorter with voice-over rather than recording real-time exercise videos, as many have indicated that they prefer shorter videos just showing technique - so many people are too busy these days for the longer videos, it seems!

Our Wilbur is indeed gentle and attentive. Very well behaved, I must say. He is a French bulldog. I hope that you find the right dog for your home.