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Masks, Hats, and Sleeves to Protect Against Sunburn


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Dear Dr. Ben Kim,
Thank you for sharing today's mail with your readers. I am deeply touched by what you wrote. It brought tears to my eyes whilst reading this, thinking of how you must be suffering at times and how great it is to get one's child's understanding and support.
With kindest regards,

Thank you for the helpful article on the sun-protective clothing you use. I am still looking for workable solutions for myself, and I am always grateful for input from others. Thank you for taking time to contribute!

I have found some palm-free gloves (or sleeves) I like at if any of your readers are looking for such also. I use them for driving, light yard work such as watering plants, blowing walkways, and picking fruit (not sturdy enough for more demanding yard work). Others use them for golf or tennis.

I've also seen gloves and sleeves which do not cover the thumbs, but thumbs are not exempt from skin cancers, etc., so consumers may want to consider that.

Thank you for all you add to our lives, Dr. Kim. I appreciate you. Caron