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Technical Stand-Up Progressions

One of the first things that is taught in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is how to stand up efficiently while protecting oneself against a malevolent force.

Called the Technical Stand Up, the idea is to get back on your feet while retreating and remaining physically balanced and ready to defend yourself.

There are a few simple progressions that make learning the Technical Stand Up relatively straight forward.

  1. Half sit-up to one side while supporting yourself on that side with your hand on the ground. Your other hand remains outstretched in front of you to protect your face.

  2. Add elevation of your pelvis.

  3. After elevating your pelvis, take your foot (the one that is closer to the hand that is on the ground) behind you to stand up.

  4. To add speed to the Technical Stand Up, push off the other foot as you go to stand up, and aim to have the foot you push off of land before the other foot does behind you. Notice that in this final progression, just before hopping back to the standing position, you can aim to extend your non-weight-bearing leg straight in front of you, which is mean to create distance between you and a malevolent force.

Going through these progressions will help develop functional core strength, overall mobility, and balance.

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