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How to Work On The Transition Phase of a Muscle-Up with Gym Rings - A Functional Strength Exercise

Gymnastics rings have become my favourite tool for developing upper body and core strength.

In this video, I have a light resistance band tied between the two rings to provide support as I work at the challenging transition phase between a pull-up and dip while moving with control.

Sporting good stores provide resistance bands of different degrees of resistance, so no matter what your current level of strength is, you can use these bands to help you utilize rings to improve your functional strength.

For those who are interested, here is a look at some progressions for building functional strength with gym rings:

Mobility Exercise Progressions for Upper Body Strength

Why be interested in developing and maintaining strength? Beyond having more capacity to engage in different activities and prevent injury, lean tissue mass acts as a reservoir for sugar in the form of glycogen, so as you develop and maintain lean tissue mass, you improve your body's ability to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, and decrease risk of many degenerative diseases.

For a look at a systematic way of progressively improving your mobility, please feel free to visit:


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