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2 Exercises to Condition Soft Tissues Around Ankles For Improved Balance and Agility

This routine is helpful in conditioning the soft tissues that surround your ankle joints, which is necessary for experiencing optimal balance and agility. Read more


Kick-Through Core Exercise

This is an intermediate to advanced conditioning exercise for the core.

Begin on all fours, pivot on one arm, and kick the same side leg through to the other side while keeping your core contracted. You can bring your opposite side arm up with each kick-through to help you maintain balance and also to help you keep your core engaged. Read more


One-Minute Spinal Care Routine

These two movements encourage more blood to flow to the ligaments and muscles that surround the spine, thereby reducing risk of experiencing sprains and strains.   Read more


Improve Your Balance by Linking Core and Lower Body Strength

This is an effective way of improving your sense of balance by linking core and lower body strength.

Hold a ball or kettlebell in your hands and take it in slow circles around your head in one direction and then the other direction - be sure to keep your core engaged as you do these circles. Read more


How to Improve Balance and Proprioception

After posting a clip of a simple game that can be used to improve joint position sense and balance, I received a number of messages from readers asking for ways to work on proprioception when one doesn't have a partner to work with. Read more


The Ideal Way To Do Push-Ups

To be optimally mobile and agile, it's helpful to treat every exercise as an opportunity to strengthen your core - doing so will improve movement and balance in all planes and decrease risk of injury. Read more


Rotational Movement For Healthier Shoulders

One of the most common reasons for having pain while using arms overhead is having limited rotation through the glenohumeral (shoulder) joints.

Having a healthy range of internal and external rotation through your shoulder joints will help ensure that you can use your arms overhead without unnecessary restrictions. Read more


More On Protecting Financial Health In The Years Ahead

In early June, El Salvador became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. On Wednesday July 14, Paraguay is set to do the same. Other South and Central American countries will soon follow with governments in Guatemala, Panama, and Brazil moving toward the Bitcoin standard.

Why is this important for people living comfortably in the States, Canada, Australia, the UK, Singapore, Korea, and elsewhere? Read more




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