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Daily Routine For Tight Shoulders

Lie face up and take both arms in full circles along your sides, keeping your arms and lower back flat on the surface you're lying on. Take your time working through any areas that feel tight. Read more


Simple Ways To Help Prevent Car Theft

In Canada, car theft is on a seemingly exponential rise. The most common way that cars are being stolen is via signal capture from key fobs that allow for remote start-up of the engine.

An inexpensive way to prevent this type of theft is to keep all of your key fobs in a Faraday box, which blocks the signal that thieves try to pick up on from outside to start your car. Faraday boxes are relatively inexpensive and are widely available. This is the one that we use at our home:

Amazon Canada: Read more


Essential Movements For Healthy Hips

Begin with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart and gently drop down into a comfortable squat. Allow yourself a few seconds or more to sit in this position to stretch your hip capsules. Read more


How We Measure Success

A while back, I stumbled upon the following priceless commercial that aired in Malaysia over the Chinese New Year holiday several years back. Most of it is painfully familiar to Asians of my generation and I'm guessing to many from other cultures as well. The closing scene never fails to leave me with a heavy lump in my chest.

I hope you have a chance to enjoy this lovely look at some of the different types of success that we can experience in this world: Read more


The Last Time You Were Astounded?


The other day, a close friend asked me to recall a time when I was astounded by an unexpected event. Read more


Same Sky, Different World


One of the joys of spending time in Korea this past year was getting to know people like the barber I visited monthly. In sharing life stories, I was genuinely surprised by her fascination with my mindset as a dad. Read more


If You Drink Coffee


Originally posted on May 13, 2019

Dear Dr. Kim:

For years I had the impression that coffee was not a good beverage for people due to its caffeine content. Read more




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