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Release Tight Shoulders

This is a look at how to use a massage ball to release a tight shoulder. Specifically, how to work out hypertonicity through the rhomboids and the muscles that make up the bulk of the posterior shoulder region - teres minor, infraspinatus, posterior deltoid, and the lats.

The ball used in this video can be found here: Read more about Release Tight Shoulders


Very Easy Make Happy

Many thanks and respect to Kane from BuzzFeed and his lovely mom for sharing this with the world. Very easy make happy indeed. :) Read more about Very Easy Make Happy


Labour Day Sale at our Natural Health Catalogue

I'm feeling grateful for the time that we were able to spend with our boys over the final week of summer break. Sometimes, the best schedule is no schedule at all, right? It was so restorative to watch a few movies, make whatever we felt like eating from scratch at home, play tennis, soccer, and basketball, and take turns giving our French Bully belly rubs and back scratches. Yes, this past week was a reminder to me that we humans are just like batteries - we are effective to the extent that we take time to recharge as needed. Read more about Labour Day Sale at our Natural Health Catalogue


2 Toe Mobility Exercises for Better Balance and Lower Extremity Alignment

These are two simple exercises that you can do multiple times daily to improve toe mobility, balance, and alignment through your lower extremities.

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Appearances Matter

Originally posted in July of 2014 after the passing of my friend, Dr. John. Updated on August 28, 2018.

When I moved to the suburbs of Chicago shortly after my 20th birthday to begin graduate school, as much as I needed to learn about human physiology and clinical sciences, I was in even greater need of general life guidance. Having been raised by ultra conservative immigrant parents, I had more than a few things to learn about how to understand and interact with people.

I had the great fortune of having as a classmate a fellow named John who was 47 years old and excited to begin a second career. He had done well as a real estate appraiser and property flipper on the east coast, and though he never boasted of his wealth, I knew that John had earned enough to be retired, and was pursuing a career as a health care provider because he had restored his own health with alternative therapies and wanted to share his passion for natural healing with others. Read more about Appearances Matter


How to Stretch Out Tight Trap Muscles (Upper Shoulder & Lower Neck)

These are two stretches that are effective for stretching out chronically tight trapezius muscles.

Tight traps can be a cause of intermittent shoulder and neck pain, as well as limited back and neck mobility.

Be sure that your body is well warmed up before you do these stretches, and as always, err on the side of the conservative. Read more about How to Stretch Out Tight Trap Muscles (Upper Shoulder & Lower Neck)


All of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie.



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