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Hotel Rwanda

I have to admit, this past weekend, my wife and I were
toast. Mentally and physically, we needed a break.

So we were grateful to get a call from the library on
Saturday morning saying that our request to borrow the
movie, "Hotel Rwanda" was ready to be fulfilled.

Let me tell you, although parts of this movie had us
in tears of sadness, it also left us deeply inspired.
Viewing this film really opened our eyes to some of
the details of the horrific genocide that occurred
over approximately 100 days in Rwanda in 1994.

I was a chiropractic student back in '94 when the
Rwandan genocide took place, and I was saddened to
realize how little the general public, myself
included, heard about the tragedy that took place
while we went about our regular lives.

If you haven't watched this movie yet, I encourage you
to consider it the next time you are in the mood for a

To learn more about "Hotel Rwanda" and the events that
led up to the Rwandan genocide, view:

The Official Website for "Hotel Rwanda"


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