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Matt Harding Dances Around the Globe

Updated on August 30, 2009

Wouldn't it be amazingly fun to travel around the world and dance outdoors with happy people? I'm guessing that it would be really good for our health.

I hope you love the following video as much as I do - it's of a fellow named Matt Harding dancing outdoors with happy people all over the world.

I especially love the song to this video - according to wikipedia, it's called Praan, and is sung by Palbasha Siddique, an American singer who was born in Bangladesh. The lyrics are adapted from a poem called Stream of Life, a part of the Gitanjali.

This song is available to download for a modest fee through Amazon:


To learn more about how Matt's video came to be, check out the following article from the New York Times:

A Private Dance? Four Million Web Fans Say No

To see what Matt is doing these days, view his Web site here:


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...yes - all I can say - is that dancing keeps me really fit... - If you think that dancing - and especially ballroom - dancing is for the sissies !!!! - then you are horribly mistaken....!!!! - and that is the truth...hmmm..
I have been ballroom dancing for 15 years now - and it is the most amazing exercise I have ever had... - If you are not fit - GET FIT - before you tackle BALLROOM DANCING ...!!! - and that is the truth...

Love this video. Don't think the guy can dance that well, but I love that he's not shy about it. Like that it shows him in different places. It's very cool to watch!

I think the guard in the DMZ wanted to dance, he just couldn't break discipline and be captured on film doing it. He probably danced later. It was probably the high point of his week.

What fun this movie is! I went to his site and enjoyed spending time reading about his dancing around the world, too. Thanks for the introduction. And yes, wouldn't dancing around the world be terrific for one's health!

Dr. Kim,

Thanks so much for the video! It brought much joy to me. Mark has such positive energy and I can feel it as I watch this video. Wish I were there :)

Hey Dr. Ben! This is great!! I posted this video on my old Facebook profile about a year ago. I too loved that Matt traveled all over dancing and making other people dance!! What great luck to have had him pass by and bring such lightness and cheer to them. And yeah! He recorded it!! LOL Thanks again for the refresher, I haven't seen this in a long while. :)