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Joe Rogan Podcast With Abigail Shrier

From Amazon:

"Until just a few years ago, gender dysphoria—severe discomfort in one’s biological sex—was vanishingly rare. It was typically found in less than .01 percent of the population, emerged in early childhood, and afflicted males almost exclusively.

"But today whole groups of female friends in colleges, high schools, and even middle schools across the country are coming out as “transgender.” These are girls who had never experienced any discomfort in their biological sex until they heard a coming-out story from a speaker at a school assembly or discovered the internet community of trans “influencers.”

"Unsuspecting parents are awakening to find their daughters in thrall to hip trans YouTube stars and “gender-affirming” educators and therapists who push life-changing interventions on young girls—including medically unnecessary double mastectomies and puberty blockers that can cause permanent infertility.

"Abigail Shrier, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, has dug deep into the trans epidemic, talking to the girls, their agonized parents, and the counselors and doctors who enable gender transitions, as well as to “detransitioners”—young women who bitterly regret what they have done to themselves.

"Coming out as transgender immediately boosts these girls’ social status, Shrier finds, but once they take the first steps of transition, it is not easy to walk back. She offers urgently needed advice about how parents can protect their daughters.

"A generation of girls is at risk. Abigail Shrier’s essential book will help you understand what the trans craze is and how you can inoculate your child against it—or how to retrieve her from this dangerous path."

To learn more about Abigail Shrier's book, please visit: Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters


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Thank you for sharing this. I have been aware of this tragic issue for a few years and I did buy this important book. It is not transphobic.
The public must know!

As a mother of two daughters, who have many friends, I'm very concerned about this information and I appreciate it being brought to light. Takes guts and integrity to speak this kind of truth.

Really appreciate your raising awareness about the sudden explosion of young girls identifying as trans. It is shameful that the mental health community is not doing the same.

Thank you for researching the topic of the transgender craze. The reality that this topic is taboo unless one is 100% in agreement with the activists can have devastating results for our children. Thank you for your courage.