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Daily Routine For Tight Shoulders

Lie face up and take both arms in full circles along your sides, keeping your arms and lower back flat on the surface you're lying on. Take your time working through any areas that feel tight.

Next, clasp your fingers above your head, and move your hands back and forth from one ear to the other, keeping the back of your shoulders against the surface you are lying on.

Do a few more full circles along your sides. Then, with your arms straightened out to your sides, rotate your hands as far as they will go internally and externally - you should feel this within your shoulder capsules. You can do this with light weights to further improve shoulder capsule health.

Lastly, lying on your side with your arms out in front of you, take your upside arm up and around in a full circle above your head, behind you, and back again to its starting point. Repeat on the other side.


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