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3 Types of Squats to Improve Functional Knee Strength

To build upon the prior video on strengthening exercises for knee pain and stiffness, here are three additional types of squats that are helpful in improving functional knee strength. I found a simple way to add audio to this video, so please be sure that your volume is on.

Please remember to try only what feels doable for your situation - it is absolutely fine to do any of these exercises more conservatively by reducing how far you squat down. Even a few inches will yield benefits, so easy does it and remember that you are after gradual and lasting improvement in your mobility and strength.

Hope these exercises are helpful.


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I have both hips replaced. Is this stretch still allowed for people like myself ?

Hi Marie,

Thank you for this question. The ability to complete the exercises will depend on the mobility and strength of the replaced hip(s). Where there are joint replacements, as inconvenient as it might be, it is prudent that to first work face to face with a physiotherapist to identify helpful techniques and reasonable limits to what can be safely done.

Client Care Manager

Dear Dr. Kim, I really love the things you post to strengthen the body. I, too, have bad knee,s but from being stepped on by a horse in my teenage years. I continue to be active and hold a busy life of working, serving others. Okay, to the point! This last knee strengthening exercise is great but I am 61 and know for sure my body will not work like that. I would get down but not ever get up again. Please! Modify a bit!? Thank you ever so much, you are loved. Patty

Hi Patty,

Generally, pain should be one's guide in trying these exercises. Where you encounter pain, please look to be more conservative in the motions- i.e. lessen amplitude of movements. Even small stretches can go a long way in creating more mobility!

Client Care Manager