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Exercises for a Stiff Spine

As mentioned in this video, many of us can use more extension through the spine. A sedentary lifestyle often leads to shoulders that are rounded forward to some degree, which puts the spine in some degree of forward flexion, which is what gradually robs intervertebral joints of their natural capacity to extend backward.

A spine that lacks proper extension predisposes us to shoulder issues like impingement, bursitis, and adhesive capsulitis, as well as upper extremity issues like thoracic outlet syndrome and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

Please consider nurturing your spine's natural capacity to extend backward. If you have any questions on this topic, feel free to write to me at


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Thank you for this video, excellent advice to follow daily!


Absolutely agree with the observation about female self-consciousness, hunching forward. As a young woman in a non-traditional role in the military (heavy equipment mechanic) I routinely rounded my shoulders due to self-consciousness. Unfortunately it became a lifelong posture. Long after I retired, my teenaged daughter observed that when I was engaged in conversation with men I actually hunch forward in a defensive posture & even lower my voice. Now I have frequent/chronic issues with finger numbness & arthritis a few LMT's have attributed to poor posture as well as overuse/injury. Trying to correct it is no small task. Thanks for noting a very real social factor. Maybe folks will watch for this in young women they care about & save them some misery down the road.