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Hanging Stretches for Improved Shoulder Mobility

Assuming that you can comfortably use your arms overhead, you can further improve your shoulder strength and mobility by doing the hanging stretches in this video.

The main idea is to allow your shoulders to stretch and move through their natural range of motion while they are gently distracted i.e. while your arms are being gently pulled away from your shoulder sockets.

You can keep your feet on the ground as you do hanging shoulder stretches to use as little or as much of your body weight as feels comfortable for your current health status.

Please be sure to view our YouTube library for other simple ways of improving your overall mobility and decreasing risk of experiencing pain and stiffness.


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I have followed your wisdom and your newsletter for years.
I appreciate your knowledge and your willingness to share it with others.
I'm especially grateful for your videos on exercises for health and mobility.
Thank you also for your recipes and pictures!!!