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2-Minute Hip and Lower Back Care Routine

The main goal of this routine is to lengthen and condition the posterior chain of the legs and the soft tissues that surround the hips. Ensuring health muscle length through the hamstrings is essential for optimal lower back health, as short hamstrings create a downward pull on the pelvis which predisposes the lower back to sprains and strains.

This routine that begins with a basic hamstring stretch to one side. Gently pulse forward at your end range for several repetitions, then holding this stretch, bring your upper body down toward the ground in front of you to stretch the soft tissues of your inner thigh. Repeat this on the other side.

Next, with your feet about shoulder width apart and hands on your hips, take your pelvis through hip circles, feeling both hip joints at their end ranges. Do about 5 circles in both directions.

Next, in the same position, take your trunk around the world for a few repetitions in both directions.

Next, with your feet further spread apart, do Cossack squats where you squat down on one side at a time, pulsing gently at the bottom if you feel comfortable doing so to accentuate the stretch felt in your hip capsule and inner thigh.

End with side to side squats where you don’t fully elevate but rather stay low to the ground, moving from one end range of the Cossack squat straight to the end range on the other side.


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