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Food Coloring Inhibits Immune System

A recent study out of the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine reports that very large amounts of a caramel food coloring can suppress the immune system.

You would think that scientists would use this information to warn people about the dangers of eating processed foods that have artificial colours.

Instead, this information is being looked upon as an exciting development, one that may pave the way to creating new drugs that can be most effective at suppressing the immune system. This, of course, would be extremely useful to the organ transplant market, since many people who receive organ transplants run a high risk of rejecting their new organs because their immune systems aren't so comfortable with their new organs.

It amazes me how our society uses resources to come up with ways of spending copious amounts of money on extremely invasive and risky procedures rather than use those resources on simple measures such as providing more community health education and subsidies on fresh vegetables and fruits that will decrease the overall need for organ tranplants.

For those of you who are interested in knowing how food colouring suppresses your immune system, it has to do with the inhibition of movement of white blood cells to locations in your body where they are needed to fight infections.

If you want more cellular details on how food colouring suppresses your immune system in this way, click here.

And for Pete's sake, keep yourself and your children away from all foods that contain artificial colouring.


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