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Seaweed: An Ancient Korean Health Food

When my sisters and I were growing up, it seemed like there was always a huge pot of seaweed soup on the stove. Seaweed soup, called Mi-Yuk Gook in Korean, has been a staple in the Korean diet for much of Korea's 5000 year history.

For Koreans living all over the world, seaweed soup is a must for all pregnant women and students.

Seaweed is amazingly effective at stimulating healthy milk production in nursing moms. Any mom who wants to ensure healthy breast milk production can virtually guarantee it by eating seaweed soup during pregnancy and the nursing period.

Seaweed is also an excellent blood cleanser and is believed to support optimal brain function, making it a staple for Korean students, especially the night before an important exam.

In the spring of 2005, North Korea began producing candies made out of seaweed to encourage the country's children to grow tall, strong, and smart. These popular candies are made out of seaweed, beans, carrots, and sesame seeds.

To enjoy the numerous health benefits of seaweed, try our family recipe for Traditional Korean Seaweed Soup.

If at all possible, get your seaweed at a local Korean food market. Because it's a staple in Korean cuisine, you're unlikely to find it for a better price anywhere else.


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