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How to Make Rolled Egg





This is a look at how simple it is to make rolled egg - called "gye ran mari" in Korea and "tamagoyaki" in Japan.

In a bowl, beat as many eggs as you wish to cook just as you would before making scrambled eggs or an omelette. Season with sea salt.

Add grass-fed butter or a quality cooking oil to your cooking surface, pre-heated to a medium level of heat.

Pour well beaten and seasoned eggs to cooking surface, and just as it starts to take on the early stages of a thin crepe, use a spatula or two to begin folding it at one end. Continue folding the egg in one direction on a gradual basis, allowing the egg to turn more solid with each passing second until you end up with a beautifully rolled egg.

Portion as you wish and serve on its own or as a side to any other food you wish to eat with rolled egg.


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