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How To Improve Balance And Build Stronger Lower Extremities With A Slant Board

A useful tool for building stronger and healthier lower extremities is a stable slant board.

Standing facing downhill, keep your core strong and upright with your arms in front of you and squat down as low as you comfortably can for multiple repetitions.

Having your heels higher than your toes allows for a deep squat that encourages blood flow to the ligaments in and around the knees and also development of the inner quad muscle called the vastus medialis which directly leads to improved knee function.

You can also use a slant board to strengthen your lower posterior chain with calf raises. Standing facing uphill and maintaining your balance with any nearby object like a wall or stick, do multiple repetitions of calf raises, raising your heels to contract your calves, and lowering your heels as low as possible to stretch the same muscles.

If you don't have access to a slant board, you can do this on a small hill that isn't slippery.

Different types of slant boards can be found at the following pages:



The slant board in this video is made by The Tib Factory:


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