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Backward Walking For Healthier Knees


A big shoutout to Ben Patrick (Knees Over Toes) and his colleague Mr. Infinity for sharing the many benefits of sled work, particularly backward walking with a weighted sled to stimulate blood flow to the connective tissues in and around the knees.

I’ve been doing this work consistently for a few months now and am happy to share that my knees and lower extremities have never felt stronger. Turns out that it also makes for an excellent cardio workout.

For those who don’t have access to a sled, I can suggest walking backward in a safe environment, ideally on a sight incline like a small hill.


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Hi Dr. Kim. To clarify, when walking backwards on an incline we should be going backwards while walking up the incline (and not down). Is that correct? It seems straightforward but wanted to double check. Thank you.

Thanks for this. Can you clarify one aspect please: backwards up an incline, or down an incline?

Walking backwards up a slight incline. But I would suggest a safe environment like a park or a backyard, and ideally with a partner who can be by your side to ensure that you remain safe.