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Tips for Constipation

Where there isn't a physical obstruction of the intestines or regular intake of medication that can affect autonomic nervous system tone, I find that the vast majority of people who struggle with constipation benefit from light bouncing.

While a brisk walk can be helpful in this regard, I've found that there is more benefit from purposeful and bouncing up and down whereby the contents of the abdominal and pelvic cavities are gently jostled in place.

Doing jumping jacks, skipping rope, and even controlled bouncing on a trampoline are all effective.

Or any of the movements included in the following 3-minute fat burning / cardio routine that I shared a while back:

As we age, the smooth muscle fibers that line our colon gradually become weaker, so peristaltic (contractile) waves that promote movement of material through our colon naturally diminish in amplitude.

Smooth muscle fibers cannot be exercised like skeletal muscles that control voluntary movement. So with each passing year, it's helpful to gently bounce around at least once daily to allow physical movement and gravity to promote healthy transit time through our colon.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing can also be helpful, as maximally filling our lungs pushes the contents of our abdominal and pelvic cavities lower, again using physical movement and gravity to promote healthy movement of material through our colon.

Finally, abdominal and pelvic massage can also be helpful in promoting regular bowel movements. I generally recommend moving in slow circles with the pads of the fingers of both hands, starting in the lower right quadrant, working up to the upper right quadrant to just below the liver, across the top of the abdomen to the upper left quadrant, and then down to the lower left quadrant where the descending colon transitions to the sigmoid colon which empties to the rectal pouch down below.

I hope one or more of these suggestions prove to be helpful. Please consider sharing with family and friends who struggle with intermittent constipation and lead mostly sedentary lives.


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