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Why We Want To Take Care Of Others


A longtime reader recently shared this:

"My Grandfather used to tell me that if you give people too much, they will secretly hate you."

Be it because of jealousy in thinking that you have more to give than they do, being reminded of goals that they don't believe they can achieve, or simply feeling on some level that they are unworthy of receiving love, sadly, humans can indeed think negatively of those who are generous with them.

If you choose to live generously and walk with a sincere intention to care for others, I would encourage you to continue on and take comfort in this:

Sometimes, the reason why we want to take care of others is because doing so helps to heal a part of us that needed someone to take care of us in earlier years.

I say don't be discouraged by those who are not gracious in receiving your love. You are following your heart in caring for others - those who judge you negatively for this have their own wounds to overcome in order to learn how to receive love graciously and to more fully live with a spirit of abundance.

There will never be a shortage of people and other living creatures in this world who will gratefully receive your love and care. Onward and upward!


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