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7-Minute Full Body Mobility Routine

This is a full body mobility routine that can be done while standing and without any equipment.

If longevity and functional strength are priorities, you want to focus on mobility of your joints above all else.  

My workouts tend to be about 45 minutes per session with the first 80 percent of all sessions spent on improving and maintaining mobility of major joints through the many exercises shared at our YouTube channel.  

I only spend the last 10 minutes or so of each session doing focused strength work.  

This is the general template that I suggest to most others, as strength work is most fruitful after all major joints are actively put through their full ranges of motion, which naturally stimulates and stretches the muscles that control these joints.  

Conventional passive stretching is also useful.  But the greatest benefits come from active movement of joints through their natural ranges of motion - this is the primary focus of all mobility work.

If you have questions about any of the movements in this routine, please use the comments section below or under the video at YouTube.


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