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The Healing Impact of Gratitude

One of the most important realizations that I made early on in my personal health journey and as a health care provider is that all of us have the priceless ability to generate powerful waves of healing energy on demand.  

How, you might be wondering?

The answer lies in filling ourselves with an enormous spirit of gratitude.   Read more


Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology: Allowing for a Financial System that is More Energy Efficient, Inclusive, and Fair to All

Updated on May 5, 2022

First, please know that nothing I share about blockchain technology and digital assets should be considered financial advice.  I am keenly interested in this area because I believe that the emerging digital asset economy that is built on blockchain technology will allow the world to operate on a financial system that is more energy efficient, inclusive, and fair to all. Read more


Broth for Radish Soup


The base to make broth for this weekend’s soup:

4-5 yellow onions, halved
1 bunch of green onions
10 garlic cloves
Knob of ginger about 1 tablespoon
Piece of dashima (Dried seaweed) - about the size of 2 adult hands
Large pot of water Read more


How To Deal With Adult Children Who Take Advantage And How To Prevent Your Child From Becoming A Freeloader

Originally Posted in July of 2019

Addendum on April 28, 2022: When I wrote this post, I neglected to mention that there are clearly some cultures that embrace having adult children live with their aging parents to be of support in many ways - South Korea happens to have such a culture. I hope that adult children who live with their aging parents with the intention of being a blessing to them do not take offense to this post.


In last Monday's newsletter, I shared some thoughts on the growing trend of adult children financially abusing their aging parents, and how such behaviour is often carried out by those who show sociopathic tendencies. By the end of the week, I received hundreds of e-mail responses, the vast majority of them from people sharing their experiences with such adult children or asking for suggestions on how to disentangle themselves from said circumstances. I don't recall receiving such a high volume of emotion-laden messages in response to a newsletter, which I take as a strong indication of how ubiquitous financial abuse of the elderly is in today's society. Read more


Luck Is The Residue of Design | Douglas Murray

Joe Rogan's full podcast with Douglas Murray can be found at Spotify: Read more


Twilight Zone

Our Love, By 10CM

"Our Love" by 10CM is from the soundtrack of "Our Blues", an ongoing Korean Drama series on Netflix that tells bittersweet stories of residents of Jeju Island. Read more


Why Does The World Need A Decentralized Store of Value that Cannot Be Seized?

Many people living in first world nations are not aware of the value of having an unseizable and immutable store of value that one can easily transport in their own head if need be. This conference session led by Alex Gladstein highlights the life-changing difference blockchain technology can make. Read more


Paragliding with Ouka

To keep up with Ouka's adventures, feel free to follow him here: Read more




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