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Matt Damon On What It Takes

"The system is not built for you to succeed, you have to break through it."

- Matt Damon Read more about Matt Damon On What It Takes


Can Anyone Start Over?

Here's a deeper look at Scott Harrison's story and the founding of a remarkable charity whose mission is to bring clean water to people in need: Read more about Can Anyone Start Over?


Hong Sound

If you're a fan of Korean cuisine and haven't stumbled upon Hong Sound, I trust you'll enjoy at least a few minutes of this video. I can't quite explain why I am drawn to Mr. Hong's "MukBang" videos. But there's no denying a primal attraction to the sights and sounds and imagined tastes of his awesome meals. Read more about Hong Sound


A Memorable Croissant

The other day while I was typing away on my laptop at a local Starbucks, I noticed an elderly lady sitting on her own with a cup of coffee and a fresh croissant in front of her. Her unassuming yet graceful presence stood out against a backdrop of lively students, friends meeting up for coffee, and an eclectic bunch working on their laptops. There was an elegant but palpably melancholic energy about her. Read more about A Memorable Croissant


Is Responsible Use of Psychedelics Worth Looking Into?

In learning from books and podcasts featuring Michael Pollan and Paul Stamets over the past year, I've come to believe that in some circumstances, it's worth looking into responsible use of psychedelics with sufficient preparation and help from an experienced and trustworthy guide. Read more about Is Responsible Use of Psychedelics Worth Looking Into?


The Growing Epidemic of Isolation and Loneliness

Depression due to feeling isolated and lonely is a growing problem all over the globe, particularly in developed countries where aging parents typically live on their own. Let's remember that taking even a brief moment to be kind, thoughtful, and friendly can inject great warmth and hope into a lonely person's day. Read more about The Growing Epidemic of Isolation and Loneliness


Improve Upper Spinal Rotation

Maintaining healthy extension and rotation through the spine is essential to preventing osteoporosis as we age.

This is a stretch that improves rotation through the thoracic and cervico-thoracic regions. It also lengthens shortened traps and rhomboids.

For related mobility exercises, please feel free to visit our YouTube video library here: Read more about Improve Upper Spinal Rotation


A Simple Way to Improve Spinal Rotation

This is a simple way to improve spinal rotation through the thoracic and lumbar spine. When rotating to each side, be sure to allow the feet to move and pivot naturally so as to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the knees, ankles, and hips. Read more about A Simple Way to Improve Spinal Rotation




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