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I spent much of my first few years of life with my aunt. I watched her go from being a student at the University of Toronto to working at a major Canadian bank to traveling back to Korea to get married, and finally to starting her own family in the Greater Toronto Area. Read more


Measuring Cardiovascular Risk with apoB

More on cholesterol and apoB from Dr. Peter Attia: Read more


Korean Adoptees on Race, Belonging, and Social Stigmas that have Enormous Impact

From Asia Vice:

The number of children born in South Korea, who were put up for international adoption reached its peak in the 1980s. Now, this generation of Korean adoptees is returning back to their country of origin as adults. Read more


Healthy vs. Unhealthy Fats and Oils

After graduating from chiropractic school, I made my way to a small Inuit village at the northern tip of Alaska to begin my first practice as a chiropractor. One of the most impressive memories I have of my time in northern Alaska was watching the natives haul a 20-foot whale onto the beach and divide the “muktuk” (whale blubber) into three by three sheets, one per family. I learned that the natives chopped these sheets of whale blubber into small pieces, about the size of small grapes, to be eaten raw and sometimes dipped in seal oil. In addition to whale blubber and seal oil, the natives continued to eat traditional staples such as whale meat, caribou meat, fish, and goose meat. Read more


Big Picture View of Russia and Ukraine Conflict

This video by Real Life Lore comes with multiple 10,000 foot views of relevant geography. Read more


Why California is Running Out of Water

Many thanks to Real Life Lore for highlighting the key reasons why California is struggling to meet its demand for water. Read more


Sourdough Bread


Above: Sourdough toast with creamy avocado slices and garden fresh Roma tomatoes and just a pinch of sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Read more


How to Make Fig and Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread


If you're looking to get more micronutrients and fiber into your day, adding figs anywhere you can will accomplish both objectives nicely. Figs are especially rich in highly absorbable calcium, the kind that your cells can efficiently use to build bony matrix, strengthen teeth, regulate contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers, and foster intercellular communication. Read more


Sourdough French Toast With Blueberries and Maple Syrup

Here's a look at a fresh batch of French toast that I made over the weekend, served with blueberries and real maple syrup. I used traditionally fermented sourdough bread from a local bakery and eggs from free range birds. Read more


Dr. Arthur Brooks On Success, Happiness & Deep Purpose | Rich Roll Podcast

Harvard Professor Dr. Arthur Brooks often shares his experience of being on a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, when in the darkness, he overheard an elderly man sitting behind him quietly tell his wife that he might as well be dead, that nobody respects or thinks about him. For the remainder of the flight, the man's wife did all she could to console him, insisting that none of his contentions were true.

Dr. Brooks assumed that the gentleman was nearing the end of his life and was feeling down over not having met his own expectations. When the plane landed and the lights flicked on, being the curious-minded social scientist that he is, Dr. Brooks inconspicuously turned to look and was stunned to realize that the elderly man was one of the most famous people in the world, someone whose early accomplishments in life made him rich, famous, and even widely viewed as a hero, and not at all a controversial figure. Read more




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