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Catalogue of Our Holistic Audio Programs

To help create inside-out change with specific health and life challenges, I've found it immensely effective to use technology called brainwave entrainment, which is employed in all of our holistic audio programs.

Brainwave entrainment refers to the process of using pulses of sound to encourage your brain to adopt natural brainwaves that are known to facilitate certain activities.

For example, a brainwave of 4 Hertz is associated with deep sleep, so our Soft Ocean Dreamland CD employs a 4 Hz sound pattern, blended in with sounds from a quiet beach to help create a restful sleep state in your brain.

This same principle can be used for just about all mental states that we know of, including being highly focused, creative, or receptive to creating significant life changes through visualization sessions.

If you listen closely to any of our holistic audio programs, you may be able to detect quiet pulses of sound.

These pulses are fast and consistent enough to resemble your natural brainwaves, and within a short while of listening to these pulses, your brain responds by synchronizing the rhythm of its natural brainwaves to the same rhythms that are presented in our programs.

Your natural brainwaves are created by the collective electrical activity that's always occurring in your brain as the billions of cells that make up your brain communicate with one another.

You can actually tell quite a lot about a person's mental and emotional state by observing their brainwave patterns, which are easily measured by an EEG test. For example, people who are chronically anxious tend to produce a lot of high Beta waves, while people who have difficulty concentrating tend to produce a lot of slower Alpha and Theta waves.

The brainwave entrainment technology in our programs tunes your natural brainwaves to frequencies that make it easier for you to create the changes that you're looking to make.

Ideally, you want you experience the best brainwaves for each activity that you engage in naturally as a result of making healthy food and lifestyle choices, but if you have a significant history of having a specific mental or emotional challenge - like being too wired to sleep well, not being able to think clearly, or not being able to let go of limiting beliefs - brainwave entrainment may be the momentum shifter that you need to move in a positive direction.

What follows are brief descriptions of our holistic audio programs.

Inner Focus

Inner Focus - For improved focus, concentration, and mental clarity.

Your Best Weight and Health

Your Best Weight and Health - The last program you'll ever need to experience your best weight naturally.


EarthRain: Drop Into Deep Relaxation - A soothing blend of gentle sounds of nature and peaceful music, excellent for meditating or experiencing effective visualization sessions.

Soft Ocean Dreamland

Soft Ocean Dreamland: A 50-minute audio track that's designed to help users fall into a deep, peaceful, and refreshing night's sleep.


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