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Exercises for Back Pain and Stiffness


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I needed this. I also want to say that with your voice you could do meditation cd's or relaxation cd's and video's, I'd buy them!

Thank You, so much, Dr. Kim. VERY helpful.

Is the roller and the back exercises safe for osteoporosis?

Thank you

Generally, yes, but it is always prudent to work with your physician or physiotherapist to ensure that you use appropriate load for your situation. I would also consider taking bone broth regularly.

I hope you experience improvement in the days ahead.

Are the stretching back exercises safe for me if I've have 4 compression fractures in the thoracic region?

Hello Meg - please see my reply above about working with someone local as well as trying bone broth. Good luck.

Very clearly explained. I find the movements very effective: no need for special tools, just simple use of the body's weight, yet while doing the stretches one can feel the effectiveness. Thank you Dr Ben Kim.

Wow! Some of these I do and knew but that last one is very aggressive and more than I can do right but maybe one day :o) Thanks so much Dr. Kim for doing these videos.

These exercises helped my back tremendously. I feel loose now. Thanks. I have sacroiliac joint disfunction and sometimes I'm fine and other times I can't even walk. Can you share more of these type exercises to loosen it. I pay good money for massages, but find that your exercises work better for me than a $60 massage.

Can you advise what to do?


Minaxi, after consulting with your personal physician, I would try the movements in our video library that look doable for your situation and see how your body responds. Best to work at improving overall mobility, which should help various symptoms resolve on their own.

Good luck!