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An Essential Stretch for Proper Hip Function

If you find that you can't take your hips through the exercises found in my exercise routine for hip pain and stiffness, you might need to spend time improving internal rotation of your hip joints.

When internal rotation is limited due to a hypertonic ligamentous capsule, the head of the femur doesn't have the necessary freedom to optimally swivel within the acetabular fossa of the pelvis, which limits all other ranges of motion of the hip, including flexion, extension, external rotation, abduction, adduction, and circumduction.

This progression of stretches to improve internal rotation of the hip joints is similar to the sleeper stretch that one can use to improve internal rotation and overall function of the shoulder joints.


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This video was so helpful. It's exactly what I need to loosen that tight capsule joint. Thank you!

I'm glad to know this, thank you Kathryn!

Dear DR. Kim
Thank you for what you are doing for us...
Your videos are very well done..... Great explanations and instruction.
I have a question/comment that may be of additional help in educating us.
Is it true that one of the primary benefits in doing these exercises is the increased blood supply/oxygen/nutrients to the hips? It seems that it is key to healthy hips or any other part of the body, for that matter? My nephew is 47 years old and has been diagnosed with severe arthritis in his left hip... He has been physically active his entire life and is fairly conscious of his diet and exercise. Ex-rays show a deterioration of his hip. I believe he can re-build and repair his bone on bone problem. Any suggestions? Comments? It seems to me that your hip program would do what I am asking about. Your experience?
Thank you Dr. Kim!
Ken Wertz

Hi Ken,

Yes, it's true that improving blood flow and delivery of nutrients and oxygen are essential to improving the health of any tissue, including our joints. But it's also vital to improve functional strength and flexibility of joints through these types of exercises.

The type of arthritis is important to consider in supporting your nephew's hip health. Please let him know that he should feel free to contact me at if he would like to discuss this further.

I love your exercises and I know you said the simple hinge joint for the knee can't be helped too much. I have problems getting on and off the toilet....practically have to drop down when getting on it and pain getting up......just no strength! What strengthening exercises can I do for the knee area or whatever it is that needs strengthening? I don't want to settle for a raised toilet seat Dr Kim!!

Karin, different types of squats are typically helpful, but it's important to work on mobility of all related joints - in your feet, ankles, hips, and lower back, as mobility in these areas directly impact mobility and functional strength of your knees.

I will aim to make a video showing some things you can do to strengthen your knees. Please stay tuned.

how often should you do this stretch

Hi Chuck,

That would depend on your condition and your goals for this stretch. if you have specific questions, please feel free to email

Client Care Manager