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Raw Chocolate Recipes

In last week's newsletter, I shared a quick and simple dessert recipe that requires only three ingredients: raw chocolate nibs, raw pecans, and liquid honey. Enough people wrote in thanking me for this recipe that I thought it would be a good idea to post it here on our blog for visitors who don't receive my weekly health newsletter.



Small handful raw chocolate nibs
Small handful raw pecans
1-2 teaspoons liquid honey (raw, if available)


Crumble raw pecans in your hands before combining with raw chocolate nibs in a small bowl.

Add liquid honey with a teaspoon and stir it continuously until chocolate nibs and pecan pieces come together to a granola-like consistency.

Enjoy this antioxidant-rich, raw chocolate snack one teaspoon at a time!


Here are two additional recipes that call for raw chocolate, sent in by readers of my newsletter:



Hot 7-grain cereal or oatmeal
One sliced banana
Small handful of chocolate nibs


Add sliced banana and chocolate nibs to hot cereal just before serving. There's something about the heat of the cereal and the sweetness of the banana that do wonderful things to the nibs. Delicious!

Michelle K.
West Linn, Oregon




2 teaspoons chocolate powder
2 cups orange juice
Small handful fresh or frozen strawberries


Blend ingredients and enjoy immediately!

Kelly Christiansen


Many thanks to Michelle and Kelly for sharing these excellent chocolate recipes with us!

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This works very well as a nice hot drink instead of coffee.

I have a large glass A&W mug. I fill it with about 2/3 water and heat the water for 2 minutes in my microwave (but you can heat it in a pan).

After the water is hot, drop a pinch of salt into it (salt gets rid of the watery taste), a teaspoon of coco powder and just enough sweetner (whatever you use) to take the bitter edge off.

No milk, no other additives. Marvelous for getting rid of the coffee craving in the morning.

This is marvelous. Thanks

real simple, mix 1 part nibs to 2 or 3 parts raw coconut flakes, munch

I add goji berries to the coconut and nibs and also walnuts. Great snack
especially after exercise.

I whipped up this little concoction this morning and it was so good I want to share it with other readers of Dr. Kim's site:

2 bananas (peeled)
2 apples (washed and cored but not peeled)
1 lime (peeled)
5 large Romaine lettuce leaves
1 heaping tablespoon Dr. Kim's Organic Chocolate Powder
1 cup water
Lots of ice

Toss everything into a VitaMix or powerful blender and let 'er rip until everything is smooth and silky. Pour into favorite mug or glass and enjoy.

This is one great-tasting and very healthy smoothie.

Chet "I Love Smoothies" Day

An excellent breakfast idea:

Two tablespoons of raw chocolate nibs
Two tablespoons of dried fruit - I used cranberries
1/4 cup oats

Prepare the hot cereal as usual, adding the nibs and fruit during the cooking. Absolutely delicious!

I used oatmeal, but I am sure this would be just as good with a multi-grain cereal.

This is my favorite healthy dessert recipe.

1 Banana, sliced
2T Cashew butter (or other nut butter)
1T raw cocoa nibs

Place banana in bowl, then top with nut butter and nibs. Stir it up and enjoy!

Thanks for the tips Dr. Kim. I always thought that pecans, with their high fat content, were the best nut to compliment cacao(cooked or raw cacao). Here's a recipe for a raw, tasty treat I like to whip up in my blender.

-organic unhulled raw sesame seeds (soaked and rinsed)(I prefer Arrowhead Mills)
-water (to achieve desired thickness)
-raw cacao nibs (I like to soak my nibs in water for at least 10 hours then rinse and dry off in a sieve. It helps to remove some of the bitter, tannin-like flavor.)
-seeds from about 1/4 vanilla bean
-ground maca root
-frozen banana (to freeze - peel, break in half or quarters, wrap in foil)

*Blend up ingredients minus banana until blended through. Add frozen banana and blend until just barely blended through. Enjoy!