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Exercises for Pain and Stiffness in the Hands

This video provides a look at mobility exercises that can be used to support healthy elbows, forearms, wrists, and fingers.

Please be sure to turn the volume up on the video itself, which you can do via the volume control section along the bottom of the video screen, as well as the volume on your viewing device.

If you have any questions about this topic, you can reach me directly at or please feel free to share your questions in the comments section of this video at YouTube's site, which you can access by clicking on the YouTube icon in the video.

The related video that I mention in this video can be found here:


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Thank you Dr. Kim,
I tried these stretch & flexibility exercises today and found relief from the arthritic pain & stiffness in my fingers. I'm very grateful for your post.

Dear Dr. Ben Kim,

Thank you for sharing this fingers exercise. I will spread out your teaching in my class for those people with fingers problems and also for myself too.
I can feel the difference while following your Video. Looks like I need to do
this everyday from now on.

Have a blessed day.

Best regards,
Jessie Kim

Thank you for all your good work. So clear and helpful. Mimi

Thank you for this fingers feel better already....and thank you, too, for all of the useful information you generously provide.

I suffer from considerable hand pain and your video showing how the muscles of the arm and palm need to be massaged and detailing the specifics of stretching the fingers is proving to be very helpful. I don't know why doctors don't emphasize this self-help relief along with any recommendations for medication and/or surgery. Thank you so much.

I am thankful to know, Jane!

OH! Thank you Dr. Kim. I have very large hands and at almost 80 years of age, naturally have some pain in my hands and fingers, although I do play piano and try to stay busy drawing, painting, and even cooking. This is wonderful information and I appreciate your sharing with us all. I am one of your greatest fans.

Thank you Jean! I hope these exercises continue to help you.

I am an 80-year-old pianist. I started your exercises a few days ago and, they seem to help. My question is how often should I do them.

Hello Eugene - I would do them daily if you can. I hope they continue to help.

Dr. Kim, is it okay to do the hand and finger exercises more than once a day?

Eugene: generally, yes, these are fine to do daily, but it's always a good principle to listen to your body's feedback. - Ben