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What To Do If You Have A Tendency To Throw Out Your Back

This is a simple routine of spinal mobility exercises that I have long found useful to those who have a tendency to "throw out" their back or experience chronic and intermittent back pain from various sprains and strains, including those involving intervertebral discs.

Whenever possible, it's best to do this simple warm-up routine for the spine after a bit of aerobic activity that has encouraged healthy blood flow throughout your body.

Put another way, it's generally not a good idea to jump right into this or any other exercise routine straight out of bed. Even a few minutes of gentle or brisk walking is enough to encourage healthy blood flow to the tissues of your spine which will make this routine all the more effective.

For an overview of exercise progressions that you can work at to improve your mobility and balance in a systematic way, please feel free to visit our Mobility Exercise Progressions page here:

For suggestions on how to set up a simple workout area at home, please feel free to view:


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Are these back exercises safe for someone with osteoporosis?

Dear Christine,

Where there is an existing health issue like osteoporosis, it's always prudent to check with a local physiotherapist or other health care provider who specializes in mobility-related issues.

Warm wishes to you,
Client Care Manager

Is the order of these exercises important? I sometimes forget one exercise or another, then add to the end of the routine.

Chris, I personally prefer the order in which things are shown, as I find the earlier ones easier to do. But if a different order works for you, I think it's fine that you do what comes naturally to you. The main thing is to work at mobility on a regular basis. Good luck! - Ben

Hi Dr. Kim,
I need help to stretch my hips since I am a dental assistant and I stand a lot. I’m not sure the name of the muscle and tendon, but it is located on the outside of both of my hips; they are so tight. Sometimes even crossing legged sit down is uncomfortable. Thanks! I so appreciate your help!