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Shih Wing Ching On Becoming Boundless

Rather than create trust funds for his three adult children to inherit, Shih Wing Ching has used much of his self-made fortune of 400 million USD to support charitable foundations in multiple countries, primarily in mainland China. The central mission of his charitable efforts is to alleviate poverty in rural China by improving education for underprivileged children and building infrastructure.

As he wisely shares in the clip above, "only when your actions benefit other people's lives will the value of your existence become boundless."

One of Shih's children, Alex, now 30-years old was asked how he feels about not having a large inheritance to look forward to.

"I personally accept it. He told us when we were very young. He would say that it’s better not to lead a life that’s too comfortable in one go. You’ll treasure more if you gain things step by step."


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Is it possible to see a transcript of this video? It is too difficult to follow the words as the video speaks. I would be really appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Darlene,

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately since this is a shared video, we do not have a transcript for it. You could try pausing the video during each caption for easier reading.

Hope this helps!

Client Care Manager

Well, he's completely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. When there are so very many wealthy people in this world who are using their wealth to control and/or destroy people, the gentleman is completely refreshing and encouraging!