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What If We Knew Everyone's Date of Death?

What if we could see everyone's date of death in an imaginary bubble above their head?

How would knowing the day that people will die impact the way we see and treat them?

Take a moment to think about the people around you, those you know best.  Are you consistently treating them as you would if you knew the precise day when they will be gone?

What would you change about your approach to life if you knew your own date of expiration and that of those around you?

As Achilles reminds us, everything is more beautiful because our days are numbered.  Let's remember this, especially in how we treat others.

Let's make those closest to us feel deeply loved for who they are, and let's do this through our actions, not just through words.

Let's not leave anyone with that sickening feeling of being seen only as a source of personal gain, be it financial or social.

Let's look to see how we can best be helpful to those who most need our support.

Let's develop our listening and understanding skills, and let's nurture a genuine desire to help others feel understood.

Let's remember to show heartfelt thanks for every act of kindness that comes our way, even through a friendly wave to another driver who signals for us to go first.


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I just wanted to say, i greatly appreciate your articles for a couple of reasons. Of course, one is obviously because they are very informative no matter the subject, but more than that, they contain heart, or compassion for others. Now that is not a common thing to run upon, most especially in health articles.
I wanted to thank you for your generosity. I lost my dad a year ago this month, and I'm still greatly struggling. I loved him so much for who and everything he was, and my life without him will never contain the same degree of happiness it once had.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful note, Karen. I'm very sorry for your loss, and can imagine what an incredible dad and person he was for his passing to leave you with such a void. Wishing you comfort in the months and years ahead. - Ben