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Review of Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower

In searching for a lawn mower over the past few days, I visited our local big-box stores and compared the latest models. Wanting the most eco-friendly mower available, I was thinking push reel. But I wasn't sure that I could find one that could handle the significant grade along the sides of our home.

I ended up purchasing a German-engineered reel mower made by a company called Fiskars, which I'm happy to report does an outstanding job and is both comfortable and maneuverable. No gas, oil, battery, electrical cord, bagging, or hearing loss to worry about.

In mowing our property two times now with the Fiskars, I'd have to say that it probably isn't your best choice if you have a moderate grade to your lot. Going uphill, you feel its weight, which is good if you're looking to get a workout, and not so good if you prefer to avoid sweating.

If your lot is relatively flat, I highly recommend taking a look at the Fiskars:

One tip on maintaining a healthy lawn: if you wear metal baseball cleats, you'll naturally aerate your lawn with every cut. Metal cleats will also give you more grab, a useful feature if you have some hills or even mild slopes on your property. Here's a look at some metal baseball cleats that I can recommend at Amazon:

Adidas Men's Diamond King Metal Low Baseball Cleat

And here's a copy and paste of key features of the Fiskars reel mower from Amazon:

Fiskars 6201 18-Inch 5-Blade Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower

In Canada, you can get Fiskars' Momentum reel mower at any Canadian Tire store.

Description from

The Momentum reel mower combines patent-pending technology with superior ergonomics to deliver best-in-class cutting performance without gasoline, oil, battery charging, the hassle of electrical cords or the noise created by other mowers.

It features InertiaDrive technology for twice the cutting power of standard reel mowers, StaySharp cutting system to eliminate the cost and inconvenience of annual blade sharpening, VersaCut height adjustment to provide a clean cut on any type of grass, forward reel position for ultra-close side edging and mess-free grass discharge and ergonomic design for easy adjustment and excellent maneuverability.

The combination of these technologies makes the Momentum reel mower 40% easier to push than other reel mowers, helping you get more done with less effort. The Momentum reel mower received Popular Mechanics 2010 Green Design Award and is recommended by the leading consumer research magazine over other reel mowers.


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I sure would like to know where this guy got his statistics. Some of the figures are ridiculous. Some background for these figures would make it more believable. Fumes over the course of a year??? That would depend on the length of our growing seasons. Wouldn't it?
He says,"We spill about 17 million gallons when we refuel the mowers"???? GET REAL! It would kill the grass and that would be less that we have to mow.. a possible good thing???
And who is "we"? Americans? Citizens of the planet earth? All mowers in the universe??
ON THE OTHER HAND...I'm on the market for a lawn mower and I've been seriously thinking about a reel mower. I CERTAINLY will look into the Momentum. I like the looks of it! :0)

The 17 million gallons spilled sounds like a lot but it is only a 2% spillage rate. Almost everyone slops a bit when refueling their mower. Multiply the little bits by all the mowers and you have the 17 million. Most of it evaporates if it gets on the mower deck when spilled.

I have other Fiskar products and the blades never need sharpening. I wonder if it's the same with this lawnmower?

This is a great article as a step towards being more sustainable. We've decided to go a step further, though. It turns out in most areas, grass turf isn't sustainable. You have to add lots of fertilizers or weed control or other earth-damaging chemicals plus irrigate (waste water) to get a golf course green lawn. We asked ourselves "Why do we want a golf course green lawn?" and "What green ground cover plants naturally grow in our area?" We've been gradually letting our 3.5 acre yard return to nature. All kinds of beautiful wild flowers are growing, a lovely ground cover is growing, and we're making paths amist this natural beauty so our kids can still run around, play, get to the creek, etc. We still mow a large play area, but it requires significantly less mowing because it's covered with a natural ground cover (plants that only grow a few inches high). Much less maintenance, no watering necessary, no chemicals necessary, and it's beautiful! Just a thought to share! :)

Love this, Angela. Thanks for sharing!

I wish our county would think of this when landscaping our medians and sidewalks. So much noise and pollution and extra manpower to take care of these grass areas. Where I live theres no need to water and fertilize but I feel if we just filled it with a low growing local flower bearing weed it would look beautiful and be very low maintenance. Very nice Angela.