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How to Make Your Own Variable-Speed Percussion Massaging Tool



Universal Adaptor for a Jigsaw:

Lacrosse Ball:

Please note that I do not know if the universal adaptor listed above can fit into any jigsaw.

Power Extension Bit:

Just in case you don't have a drill and bits, I can suggest the following:

Cordless Drill:

Bit Set:


1. Gather the materials listed above. It doesn't hurt to have a friendly furry creature on hand to help out. :)


Here's a closer look at the materials:

Lacrosse Ball -


Universal Adaptor for the Worx Jigsaw -


Power Extension Bit Set, 3/8 or 1/4 fit well with a Lacrosse ball -


Worx 20V Jigsaw -


An experienced inspector for quality control -


2. If you wish to insert a 1/4-inch power extension bit into the lacrosse ball, use a 3/16-inch drill bit to put a hole halfway through the ball - you can use the small divot-like depression at the end of the ball as your target area. If you prefer to use a 3/8-inch power extension bit to insert into the ball, use a 5/16-inch drill bit to create the hole.

3. Insert the wide end of the power extension bit into the hole, then turn upside-down and gently push down on the ball and bit against a stable surface to slide the ball down onto at least half of the bit.

4. Insert the ball and bit into the universal adaptor.

5. Insert the universal adaptor into the jigsaw.

6. Play around with the variable-speed jigsaw to get a feel of how much vibration can be created at different amplitudes. It's best to use both hands to control the jigsaw, and to keep your hands and fingers away from the area of action while your percussion/vibration massaging tool is in action.

Please note that I do not know if the universal adaptor noted above will fit into other jigsaws. If you have any questions about this post, please click the following link to go to this video at YouTube and use the comments section, and while you are at our YouTube channel, please feel free to subscribe to our channel and share any feedback on our resources - even clicking the thumbs up on videos that you find useful helps us produce more resources to share with our readership. Thank you!


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Hello from Barrow! I will order the parts to make the massaging tool. Scott, my husband, has suffered from low back, butt, and calf tightness since high school football days. We have a vibration plate which helps a great deal, however this massage tool looks like what I have been looking for. I have a handheld massager, but I have to apply pressure and it just doesn't seem to do much. Will you please do a video on basic use? Specifically, I want to know how to properly stretch and massage the muscle groups mentioned. Can I wrongly do it, or should we just go with what feels best?

Hi Tavia,

I think it's a highly individual and intuitive experience, and would encourage you to try different intensities and locations. The denser the tissue, the more pressure and higher intensity you can use.

For any tissues along your posterior chain, it is best if someone else can do it for you while you relax in a prone position.

I hope you find it helpful!


Do you think its going to have the same result like the real product like Thera gun?