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Emotional Health and Well-Being

Would You Say That if They Were Here Right Now?

Originally published on September 21, 2009

On an evening trip to the public library a few days ago, I was greeted by a friendly worker as I checked our family's books in. Though we had said hello many times before, on this particular evening, I could tell from the way that she was looking at me that she had something to say.

"You're friends with Dr. Lee, right?"

"Yes, I know Dr. Lee from when we were kids," I replied. Read more


Psychodynamic Approach to Ease Bullying

As parents to two preschool boys, my wife and I are deeply concerned about our boys running into bullies at school. At the same time, we realize that bullying tends to stem from a lack of care and education at home, and that those who bully need as much compassionate guidance as those who are bullied. Read more


Help, My Husband is a Rodent!

Why do some men stray from their marriages, while others seem content to stay with one partner for life?

The answer may come from an unlikely source: the vole. A vole is a rodent, and it comes in several species. Prairie voles mate for life. Mountain voles do not. Research has shown that prairie and mountain voles have different versions, known as “alleles,” of a particular gene (AVPR1A). Read more


Do You Hate The Way You Look?

In March of 2006, I received the following letter from someone who consulted with me for a skin condition:

Dear Dr. Kim,

I wondered if you would have any advice because I'm having a very hard time emotionally. I'm having a problem with low self esteem and self confidence, mainly because of my (health condition).

I don't have any friends or acquaintances (in my local area), and I've had a huge problem with loneliness over the past year.

I feel too embarrassed to meet other young people because of the (health condition), and I feel my emotional state has taken a large toll on me. It seems like a catch 22 situation. Read more


Thoughts On The Cure For Cancer

A short time ago, a visiting relative asked my wife and me what we thought about the idea that the cure for cancer was already established, but was being hidden from the general public for various reasons. Being a pharmaceutical sales representative, her idea of the cure for cancer was a drug or procedural treatment that could be received from a doctor, and used right away to experience a complete recovery from cancer. Read more


Understanding and Overcoming Chronic Depression

Have you ever considered the possibility that if you are depressed, you should be?

Popular media and our society in general tend to teach us that it is normal to be perpetually happy. But is it normal to be happy all of the time? Read more


How Do You Know That You Are Depressed?

What’s In A Diagnosis?

How do you know that you are depressed? Is it just plain obvious to yourself and those who are closest to you? Did a doctor diagnose you with depression? Read more


Mind-Body Exercises to Help You Transcend Chronic Depression

What follows are a series of questions and exercises that are intended to strengthen your capacity to deal with life circumstances that can cause chronic depression. I encourage you to work on no more than one exercise per day to give yourself ample time to consider the thoughts and feelings that each exercise brings up for you. Read more




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