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Full Body Cleanse: FAQ

What follows are a series of questions and answers regarding the Full Body Cleanse Program.

If, after reading through this section, you have additional questions about cleansing and detoxification, please feel free to use our Contact Form to send us your question(s). Read more


Adrenal Refresh: An Ayurvedic Remedy for Chronic Emotional Stress

If your system feels out of balance due to emotional stress and you haven't experienced improvement with meditation and relaxation sessions, you may find this professional grade botanical formula to be immensely helpful to your overall sense of well-being.

Adrenal Refresh is a whole food botanical formula that's specifically designed to correct imbalances created by stressed endocrine and nervous systems. Read more


Proteolytic Enzymes: A Clinical Strength Formula for Improving Blood Circulation and Reducing Chronic Inflammation

If you have a health challenge that is being caused by compromised blood circulation and/or chronic inflammation, I encourage you to remember the following point:

By consistently making healthy food and lifestyle choices, including the choice to get adequate physical and emotional rest, your body's self healing mechanisms stand a good chance of restoring your health.


How To Treat and Prevent Constipation Naturally

While some people can overcome constipation by eating large quantities of vegetables every day, simply eating more fiber is not a guaranteed solution for every person who suffers with chronic constipation.

What follows are several action steps that I have found to be helpful for most chronic cases of constipation: Read more


How to Prevent Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

One of the most common and preventable physical health challenges that I have treated over the years is called frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis. Even if you don't currently have a problem with your shoulders, I highly recommend that you read this article in its entirety, as the guidelines provided below can help you maintain healthy shoulders and prevent a wide variety of physical ailments of the shoulder and upper back regions. Read more


Natural Ways to Protect Your Skin Against Sunlight-Related Damage

Skin cancer is now the most common type of cancer in the United States and in most first world nations. In the U.S. alone, more than one million new cases of skin cancer are expected in 2009.

With growing awareness of the importance of being smart about sun exposure, how is it that skin cancer is on the rise? Read more


An Objective Look At The Withdrawal Method Of Birth Control

By Susan Donaldson James

When sex researcher Rachel K. Jones published a report that suggests the much-maligned withdrawal method of birth control was nearly as effective as condoms in preventing pregnancy, she was showered with criticism.

And it wasn't evangelicals who had taken virginity pledges who pulled out the big guns. Read more


Natural Solutions for Tension Headaches

Tension-type headaches typically involve dull or pressure-like pain in and around your temples, forehead, scalp, or the back of your neck. Often times, the pain associated with a tension-type headache will feel like it's being created by a band of pressure that's tightening around your head. Read more


Understanding Blood Pressure

Updated on February 23, 2009

With a baby on the way, I thought that it would be prudent to apply for a life insurance policy. After doing some research, I decided to go with a term life insurance policy with a well known company in Canada. During the application process, I discovered that this particular company offers four different rates for their policies, called N1, N2, N3, and N4. Each person is assigned one of these rates based on the results of a nurse's visit, during which time questions are asked about medical history and current lifestyle, blood pressure and pulse rate are checked, and blood and urine samples are taken. I was told that the vast majority of people are put into the most expensive category, N4, while a small percentage of people in especially good health with low to no risk factors for disease are put into a less expensive category, with N1 being the least expensive. Read more


Catalogue of Our Holistic Audio Programs

To help create inside-out change with specific health and life challenges, I've found it immensely effective to use technology called brainwave entrainment, which is employed in all of our holistic audio programs. Read more




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