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Modified Amino Acid Can Quell Addiction To Cocaine

In late 2005, I made an interesting observation as I did a review of my patient files. I found that among patients who were less than 50 years of age and who came to me with some form of cancer or neurological disease, more than 75 percent reported a history of cocaine use. Experience has taught me that some people do not feel comfortable disclosing a history of recreational drug use, which means that in all likelihood, this number is even higher. Read more


Hay Fever Treatment

Hay fever, also known as seasonal allergies or allergic rhinitis, is a condition that is effectively treated with specific dietary and lifestyle measures. As discussed in an article that I wrote on treating seasonal allergies, I have found the following measures to be effective in treating hay fever: Read more


How to Treat Sinus Infections Naturally

Hi Dr. Kim,

I've been struggling with a sinus infection for several months. I believe it is an infection because I don't have congestion, but do have drainage and it's giving me very bad breath. I also have pain in my lower sinus cavities when I press on them. And occasionally, I can feel a bubbling sensation in my lower sinuses.

I fasted for 3 days several weeks ago hoping to get the healing process moving and have been sticking to a pretty good diet since then. But so far I haven't seen any improvement. I recently went and sat in a sauna and it seemed to help while I was there. I plan on going several more times. Read more


Pomegranate Juice For Prostate Cancer

A study conducted at the University of California in Los Angeles and published in the July 1st, 2006 edition of Clinical Cancer Research suggests that drinking an 8 oz. glass of pomegranate juice on a daily basis can significantly slow the progress of prostate cancer. Read more


Six Ways To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Although we don't know and may never know the exact causes of Alzheimer's disease, we do know that several food and lifestyle choices are strongly linked to a decrease in one's risk for developing Alzheimer's.

What follows are six important food and lifestyle factors that can dramatically reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

1. Drink Vegetable Juices Read more


Arthritis Drugs Linked To Cancer

A recent study led by the Mayo Clinic and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that people with rheumatoid arthritis who take Humira or Remicade have three times the risk of developing several types of cancer and two times the risk of developing serious infections compared to people who don't take these drugs. Read more


Natural Treatment For Warts

If you or someone you know can use a natural remedy for wart removal, I think that it's worth your while to try the following treatment, sent in by Charley and Judy Triplett.


Our family has something to share that works to get rid of warts.

Our young son suffered with many warts on his hands, beginning at age three, through beginning of kindergarten. There were so many warts, especially on the outside of his fingers, the children did not want to hold his hand during activities, and made fun of him. Read more


Natural Ways to Address Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain comes in three main varieties. The following is a look at common causes of pain and discomfort in and around the knee joint and some points to consider in addressing each of them:

1. Chronic, superficial pain along the inner portion of the knee joint


How to Treat and Prevent Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder impingement syndrome is a name given to several different conditions that involve inflammation of tendons and/or ligaments in the shoulder region. Read more


How to Prevent Blindness and Macular Degeneration

It's no secret that age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness among the elderly in industrialized countries. It affects more than 10 percent of white adults over the age of 80, and is the number one cause of central vision loss for people 60 years of age and older in the United States. Read more




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