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Healthy Korean Recipes Archive

Just a brief post to mention that we now have a dedicated archive for our healthy Korean recipe pictorials. Feel free to browse through our favorites here:

Healthy Korean Recipes

If you have any requests for specific Korean dishes that you'd like to see step-by-step pictorials for, please let us know via our contact form here:

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With a few tweaks here and there, Korean cuisine can be incredibly healthy given its widely varied, plant-based origins.

If you haven't given Korean food a try, a good dish to begin with is "bi bim bap," sometimes called "dol sot bibim bap," which is a version that comes in a hot stone pot to keep your body temperature up on cold days. Almost every Korean restaurant serves this dish, which amounts to freshly cooked rice mixed with several types of seasoned vegetables and the option to add some gochujang (Korean hot sauce) and a splash of sesame oil for extra flavour. Typically, a small amount of meat is included as well, but if you're a vegetarian or vegan, you can ask them to skip the meat or substitute with tofu.

Based on requests that come in, we'll look to do more healthy Korean recipe pictorials in the days ahead. Hope you enjoy.


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