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Making All Exercises Core-Centric For More Functional Strength

These days, I’m loving the focus of making all exercises core-centric.

Generally, working with weights unilaterally while striving to keep the core in a strong and neutral position with abs and glutes contracted is a rewarding approach.

If you don't have weights or a suspension training system, you can always add unilateral "farmer walk" exercises to your daily routine.  For example:

1.  Walk back and forth down a hallway or driveway while holding a 5-10 pound bag of potatoes or a gallon of water in one arm by your side.  As you walk, focus on keeping your core tight so that your upper body doesn't lean one way or the other.  Be sure to repeat this while holding the weight in your other arm.

2.  Hold a lesser weight in one arm outstretched above your head and walk the same path you took in the first exercise, again, keeping your core tight and striving to prevent arching in either direction.

More ideas:

3.  When doing push-ups or holding a plank pose, pause for a few seconds at a time while staying balanced on just one hand or elbow plus one or both feet.  The less points of contact you have with the ground, the more your core is conditioned.

4.  Consider using a bosu ball or full exercise ball to stand and sit on, respectively for several seconds at a time while striving to maintain good posture.  If this is relatively simple for you, while on the bosu ball or exercise ball, try doing one arm bicep curls while maintaining a strong core.
I hope some of these ideas prove to be useful.

Many thanks to @billmaeda for a steady stream of inspiration.

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