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How to Improve Scapular Mobility to Support Healthy Shoulder Function

To have healthy shoulders that allow you to comfortably use your arms overhead, it's essential that your shoulder blades are optimally mobile and that you have good motor control over their movement along the posterior wall of your rib cage - the scapular mobility exercises shown in the video above will allow you to fulfill both of these requirements for healthy shoulder function.

If you aren't able to hang from a monkey bar or rings, be sure to watch the video to completion, as there are two options for improving scapular mobility while on the floor. If wrist or lower extremity issues make it challenging for you to be on the floor, you can do the same scapular exercises with your hands against a wall.

Please be sure to also review the following related videos that demonstrate other movement patterns and stretches that complement scapular mobility exercises and further support the goal of having highly functional shoulders that are free of pain or stiffness while your arms are overhead.

If you have any questions about any of this material, please share your thoughts in the comments section of any of these videos at YouTube - you can click on the YouTube logo toward the bottom right corner of these videos to view them and submit comments at YouTube's site. Also in the bottom right corner of these videos, you'll see an option for subtitles in case they're helpful.

As always, if you would like to reach me directly with any questions or concerns, you can write to I hope these videos prove to be useful to your quality of life.


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I am an OTR with 27 years experience. Nice job! I will refer my higher level patients to these videos with confidence.