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Guacamole for Days


Above: Before the mash. Read more


Coconut Almond Butter Cookies



The quantities listed below make about 12 to 16 small to medium size cookies. Read more


The Growing Epidemic of Isolation and Loneliness

Depression due to feeling isolated and lonely is a growing problem all over the globe, particularly in developed countries where aging parents typically live on their own. Let's remember that taking even a brief moment to be kind, thoughtful, and friendly can inject great warmth and hope into a lonely person's day. Read more


Matt Damon On What It Takes

"The system is not built for you to succeed, you have to break through it."

- Matt Damon Read more


Japanese Salad Dressing Recipe


If you've ever wondered how to make salad dressing like they do in most Japanese restaurants, the kind that looks like a light applesauce, I think you'll be pleased with this simple recipe. Read more


How to Manually Dissolve Tightness Through The Calves

How to manually dissolve tightness through the calves. Read more


See Joseph Gordon-Levitt Play Music With People He's Never Met

The end result is beautiful. :) Read more


Dark Chocolate, Almond Butter, and Raspberry Cups


For times when you crave Reese peanut butter cups but don't want your health to pay the price that comes with them, you might find all the satisfaction you're looking for with the following simple recipe for chocolate, almond butter, and raspberry cups. Read more


The Healing Power of Empathy

Last week, I mentioned a video on how Koreans of different ages and life circumstances reacted to meeting a young Korean lady with vitiligo.

The clip below shows the older lady who was courageous enough to honestly say that she could not accept someone with such a visible issue as her daughter-in-law. I received a few messages from readers who expressed empathy for this view.

I agree that she should be respected for honestly expressing her stance - it's perfectly understandable. Read more




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